Radio photocell node en

RF Node with Photocell: Axess-RF-EXT

General information

The RF Node with Photocell allows the remote management of public lighting by controlling the lighting point using radio communication (band 860-900MHz according to legislation in the country). It integrates into the Lumnex Light Control ™ solution.


Principal characteristics

  • Integrated photocell
  • Control of one or more drivers of any type: LED, HID or Ferromagnetic
  • Diagnosis of lamp and driver failures
  • Integrated energy meter (kWh, Watt, Vrms, Irms, PF, etc) - Option class 0.5
  • Relay 15A to turn the load ON / OFF
  • Intelligent start / stop management thanks to the static relay (optional)
  • Logic input with dry contact (eg to detect the opening of the trap door)
  • Able to adapt the lighting to street usage (Dynamic Lighting)
  • The node can be configured to control the drivers based on the ambient light level measured by the photocell integrated into the node.


Communication Static Relay Metrology Class
Axess-RF-EXT Dali Dali Yes/No 2.0/0.5
Axess-RF-EXT 0-10V 0-10V Yes/No 2.0/0.5