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Electronic ballast HID : Optima, Luxima, Deema

General information

Lumnex offers three families of electronic ballasts : Optima, Luxima, and Deema

  • The Optima family cover powers from 45W to 150W (Class 2 product)
  • The Luxima family cover powers from 160W to 400W
  • The Deema family cover powers from 600W to 1000W

Principal characteristics

Our multi-function electronic ballasts have the following characteristics:

  • Dimmable, from 100% of lamp power, down to 30%
  • Control of any type of discharge lamp (SHP, IM, CPO, CDO, etc)
  • Auto-dimmable, according to profile integrated and configured by the customer
  • Capable of integration into a remote management solution (control via the DALI interface)


  • Only 4 ballast models required to cover all HID lamp powers.
  • Up to 15% energy savings due to high ballast efficiency (92%) and better surge power control (compared to ferromagnetic ballasts).
  • Reduces the cost of maintenance thanks to a long service life (> 80000h)
  • Possibility of programming a dimming profile to save energy