Radio node cabinet control en

Radio node, street lighting control box : BCEP-RF

General information

The BCEP-RF radio node is a radio-controlled relay (band 860-900MHz according to legislation in the country). It integrates into the Lumnex Light Control ™ solution.

The BCEP-RF is designed to be installed in a cabinet to control a group of street lights ON / OFF. Its breaking power is 25A.

The BCEP-RF replaces the BCEP Pulsadis which has become obsolete.


Principal characteristics

  • ON / OFF control of a group of street lamps for a maximum load of 25A, PF = 1
  • Diagnosis of breakdowns related to the group of lampposts
  • Integrated energy meter (kWh, Watt, Vrms, Irms, PF, etc)
  • 25A bistable relay on Live and 25A bistable relay on Neutral. Simultaneous control
  • Mounting on standard base