Luminaire Led : Lenda

General information

The Lumnex Lenda™ range offers LED lighting with high lumen/watt output. Lenda™ luminaires are an energy-efficient outdoor lighting solution for a variety of applications such as residential areas, pedestrian zones, roads, motorways and car parks.

Principal characteristics

  • wide range of lighting powers : 60W-235W
  • Two sizes of luminaires available
  • Several photometric distributions to illuminate residential areas as well as the traffic lanes are available.


  • Compact, economical and high performance design.
  • Dimmable, efficient and economical lighting solution operating in stand-alone mode or integrating into a centralized remote management system.
  • Two sizes: flexibility and consistency for class P1 to P6 and M1 to M6 lighting in accordance with IEC Directive 115.
  • Wide operating temperature range : from -40 ° C (-40°F) to + 55 ° C (+ 131° F).
  • Compliant with NEMA Socket (option) for adding external communication nodes.