Neutral missing protection en

Protection Loss of neutral : NMP-05D

The problem

With the arrival of the Smart City, there are more and more electronic devices connected to the networks of cities. However, during road works or due to a connection error at the electrical outlets, the installations can be subjected to an over-voltage higher than 300V (so-called neutral break). Electronic devices may be damaged. The cost of replacing damaged equipment and the cost of the intervention can be very expensive for the city.

Protection rupture de neutre

The solution

Lumnex offers a protection box: NMP-05D (Neutral Missing Protection) to be placed upstream of the devices to be protected. When an over-voltage occurs on the network, the NMP-05D turns off the supply voltage with its built-in relay.

As soon as the problem is resolved (neutral cut-off correction), the NMP-05D automatically turns on the equipment. For more details see the technical sheet.