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Lumnex covers the lighting requirements for all types of technology: discharge lamps and LED.
Key features:

  • The control of powers ranging from 50W to 400W
  • Programmable Auto Dimming and Dimming Schedule
  • Long life
  • Better control of the lamps, thus prolonging their life by more than 25%
  • Very high efficiency

Range BB “Basic Ballast”
Electronic ballasts with 2 operational lamp powers (from 50W to 150W)

General points

  • Offers the possibility, for each night, of reducing the lamp power from 100% to 60%*, after a fixed period of 5 hours*
    *The default values. These can be changed in firmware. Please contact Lumnex for more details.
  • Allows the control and monitoring of high pressure lamps
  • Compatible with many lamp types, such as HPS and MH etc.
  • Can control a lamp up to 15 metres distant from the ballast
  • Managed by the internal microprocessor
  • Improved lamp life
  • Lamp power regulation is independent of the mains voltage
  • Protected against lamp short circuit or open circuit

Data sheets

BB 50W

BB 70W

BB 100W

BB 150W

Range SB “Smart Ballasts”
Electronic ballasts (from 50W to 400W)

General points

  • The possibility for “Auto Dimming”, by a dimming schedule with up to 5 stages of different lamp powersthroughout the night. Option to have one dimming schedule for winter and one for summer
  • Operates in « Energy Savings Mode», whatever the duration of the night
  • Can control any type of discharge lamp (HPS, MH, COSMO etc)
  • Lamp control and lamp power regulation is independent of the mains voltage
  • Totally integrated ballast: with power factor correction; start up and lamp power regulation by microprocessor
  • Can be integrated into a centralised remote management solution without modification. Using the DALI interface and automatic recognition of the presence of the communication node

Data sheets RAY Range Class 1

RAY 150W

RAY 250W

RAY 400W

Data sheets OPTIMA Range Class 2

OPTIMA 45-100W

OPTIMA 105-150W

Communication nodes
Longevity and versatile

General points

  • The PLC LonWorks communication node has a DALI ™ interface for controlling electronic ballasts
  • Manage individual lighting points within a public lighting network
  • Realise energy savings through the control of dimmable electronic ballasts
  • Allows the bidirectional exchange of data with the electronic ballast via the communication protocol (DALI ™)
  • Provides data exchange with a (Ilon Smart Server ™) data concentrator via the PLC (Power Line Communication). Data exchange is consistent with the protocol LonWorks ™ communication
  • Contains an energy meter to measure the energy consumed by the node and the ballast, and to measure secondary electrical quantities
  • Allows real-time access to all parameters of the ballast: current and voltage of the lamp, ballast temperature, status word including the status of the ballast and the lamp
  • The management and sending of real-time alarms and faults detected during operation of the ballast and the lamp
  • Can be installed in either the lighting fixture or the base
  • Can control two ballasts (option)

Data sheets

Vertex D10

Vertex D20

Vertex D11

Vertex D21

NodesDALI x 1BallastDALI x 2Ballasts1 x Relais

i.Lon Smart Server™
The data concentrator

General points

  • Programmable logic controller
  • Used to send instructions to each communication node or any other device connected to the network (pollution sensors; CCTV cameras ...)
  • Control the elements individually or in groups, using the electrical mains supply (via Power Line Communication, the LonWorks™ ISO / IEC 14908-1 and -2 protocol)
  • Collect the data for each lighting point
  • Transmit the data to the central system via a TCP / IP network (GPRS, ADSL, WiFi...)

Data sheet

i.Lon Smart Server™

Neutral Missing Protection (three phase public lighting network)

General points

  • Turn off the power to the equipment when the incoming supply is overvoltage
  • Protects the equipment against surges on the public lighting network when the neutral is broken
  • The cut-off device (electromechanical relay), protects the ballast from damage
  • When the incoming supply voltage is greater than 270 Vac, the relay opens, removing power from the ballast to protect against overvoltage
  • If the power is not cut off during the repair of the neutral, restoring power to the ballast (relay closure) is automatic

Data sheet


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